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Accurate Flight Schedules

Based on real world Flight Schedules, our system is updated regularly and contain over 200 airports across the entire globe. Virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Personalized myVAC System

With myVAC Portal, this powerful system allows our member pilots to choose the latest flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Experienced Team

With over 24 years of experience in the Flight Simulation cummunity, we are committed to consistently deliver an exceptional and realistic virtual airline experience. The best in Canadian hospitality.

VACARS Program

Flight tracking is made possible by our in-house built VACARS software which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data and realistic cabin environment features to enhance your overall experience.

Latest Arrivals

04:49ZPierre-Olivier FleuryVAC 430YYZYUL7M8-192.881.1
04:31ZRichard WolowiczVAC 1618YULTPA320-251.743.6
04:03ZRenze HouVAC 1633SRQYYZ320-1206.373.1
03:52ZKimani HaydenVAC 1819BDAYYZ319-7.933.3
02:51ZConnor UchidaVAC 907FLLYUL7M8-289.643.2
02:39ZTaka MukonoVAC 603YHZYYZ7M8-13.542.8
02:32ZJosh GheronVAC 1693MCOYOW320-74.583.0
01:56ZSteve BrowneVAC 216YVRYYC7M8-135.121.4
01:53ZWilliam TangVAC 932YVRCUN77L-195.385.7
01:30ZShane SidsworthVAC 740SFOYYZ320-382.704.4
01:11ZPier-Luc PlamondonVAC 1619TPAYUL319-169.172.9
23:42ZAmin HelalVAC 114YVRYYZ77W-208.774.3
22:54ZAharon DayanVAC 2357MZJMZJ763-298.952.3
22:51ZJessy LafranceVAC 7719YDFYULCRA-266.212.2
22:49ZAlex WheatonVAC 661YHZYUL7M8-137.261.7
22:03ZPierre-Olivier FleuryVAC 1771HUXYYZ319-105.264.5
22:00ZNathan GrahamVAC 854YYZLHR77W-139.576.6
21:51ZRick VerhallenVAC 213YYCYVR7M8-414.341.7
21:47ZSalathiel WellsVAC 1819BDAYYZ320-240.443.6
21:25ZChris TrombleyVAC 193YYZYLW321-102.304.5
21:22ZPatrick GreenVAC 8231YYZYSBCRA-791.521.0
21:10ZPier-Luc PlamondonVAC 1618YULTPA319-175.393.5

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