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Accurate Flight Schedules

Based on real world Flight Schedules, our system is updated regularly and contain over 200 airports across the entire globe. Virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Personalized myVAC System

With myVAC Portal, this powerful system allows our member pilots to choose the latest flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Experienced Team

With over 24 years of experience in the Flight Simulation cummunity, we are committed to consistently deliver an exceptional and realistic virtual airline experience. The best in Canadian hospitality.

VACARS Program

Flight tracking is made possible by our in-house built VACARS software which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data and realistic cabin environment features to enhance your overall experience.

Latest Arrivals

17:02ZGeoff ScottVAC 737YYZSFO7M8-181.345.6
16:51ZDavid FrenchVAC 35YVRBNE789-593.0214.2
16:00ZChristopher DeFouwVAC 7212YYTMAD763-346.414.5
14:17ZTim KotylakVAC 900YULFLL789-145.133.2
13:46ZRick ElliottVAC 615YHZYYZ320-121.202.4
13:27ZGabriel MoradilloVAC 81TLVYYZ333-217.9611.9
04:57ZLautaro BrenesVAC 150YYCYYZ788-164.233.6
03:11ZWesley TerpstraVAC 8272YVRYLWDH4-47.301.0
02:04ZTristan MannVAC 7210YYTFRA763-121.195.1
01:49ZJonathan TisiVAC 1046YVRPSP320-86.562.9
01:37ZMatthieu PourratVAC 7948YYZYDFCRA-216.162.7
01:26ZMike McPheeVAC 8070YOWYHZCRA-198.131.5
01:01ZMatt HydeVAC 299YWGYVR320N/A2.9
00:04ZRichard WolowiczVAC 4NRTYVR788-463.208.4
00:03ZGeoff ScottVAC 118YVRYYZ7M8-165.374.5
23:56ZJessy LafranceVAC 1957YQBYYZ320-189.551.6
23:43ZKyle TamVAC 121YYZYVR789-260.044.7
23:15ZKimani HaydenVAC 1955YQBYYZ320-148.851.7
23:12ZKien HoukVAC 7018CPSYWG320-232.632.3
22:35ZDaniel MacFarlaneVAC 8505YFCYYZCRA-214.942.0
21:31ZJessy LafranceVAC 1964YULYQB320-223.420.9
21:22ZWilliam DaltonVAC 8118YHZYYTDH4-10.011.8

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