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Accurate Flight Schedules

Based on real world Flight Schedules, our system is updated regularly and contain over 200 airports across the entire globe. Virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Personalized myVAC System

With myVAC Portal, this powerful system allows our member pilots to choose the latest flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Experienced Team

With over 25 years of experience in the Flight Simulation cummunity, we are committed to consistently deliver an exceptional and realistic virtual airline experience. The best in Canadian hospitality.

VACARS Program

Flight tracking is made possible by our in-house built VACARS software which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data and realistic cabin environment features to enhance your overall experience.

Latest Arrivals

10:37ZNate PowerVAC 481YULYYZ320-151.541.1
09:49ZGabin BéraudVAC 873CDGYYZ333N/A2.8
08:04ZNate PowerVAC 1590YULYHZ3200.001.2
07:17ZZac DonohueVAC 8798YVRSEADH4-173.950.7
07:11ZJean-Philippe SimboliVAC 1963YQBYUL320-219.570.9
06:54ZTaka MukonoVAC 57DXBYYZ788-52.8611.6
06:04ZGabin BéraudVAC 874YULCDG333-153.617.2
06:03ZJean-Philippe SimboliVAC 1960YULYQB320-1577.310.9
05:36ZZac DonohueVAC 794LAXYYZ789-156.713.9
04:41ZJamie d'EntremontVAC 2253YYTYHZDH4-190.442.3
03:51ZBrett ShearerVAC 223YYCYVR7M8-203.861.2
03:31ZJasmin BelleteteVAC 415YULYYZ320-153.401.5
03:16ZBrad IrelandVAC 974SJDYUL7M8-149.894.9
02:28ZJeff McMillanVAC 8663YHZBOSCRA-270.531.7
02:18ZJamie d'EntremontVAC 7767YYCYXTDH4-360.592.2
02:10ZJoe HillVAC 932YVRCUN789-845.875.1
01:59ZSteve ChiassonVAC 7773YULYYZCRA-220.651.3
01:41ZFlorian StacheVAC 423YULYYZ320-136.321.3
01:32ZMatthieu PourratVAC 614YYZYHZ320-113.612.1
01:09ZSylvain TousignantVAC 1596YULYHZ319-211.481.4
00:58ZZac DonohueVAC 8466YVRYCGDH4-60.151.1
00:51ZMichael De ChantalVAC 1606YULFLL321-147.233.6

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