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Hiring: Web Programmers

April 2, 2024

Our team is actively seeking web programmers to assist with the delivery of our new website and implementation of the newly customized VACARS v5 system.

Celebrating our 25th anniversary - we are reaching out to dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and professional candidates, who are inspired to elevate our product offering to the next generation of flight simulation enthusiasts.

To provide context on the duties and requirements of the successful candidates:

- A new website template / structure as well as VACARS v5 are complete.
- The website will require a complete re-design of progamming code (including myVAC) that will communicate with VACARS v5 and SimBrief.
- Activation of new e-mail system.
- Minimum 3 hours per week working alongside other departments.
- Attend voice conferences and meetings when required.
- Maintain strict confidentiality of stored data and systems.
- Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, SEO, UX and UI design.
- Excellent problem solver and team player.

We are dedicated to supporting you in your new role with the necessary tools to help you succeed.

Please reach out to us at [email protected]