Terms & Conditions

As a member of VAC, you agree to be bound and to abide by VAC policies. These policies will be posted on the website. Any subsequent changes to the policies may also be emailed to all members. Violations of the policies may result in a probationary period, temporary suspension, or termination of the members account.

myVAC Login Information

The VAC username and password which is provided to you is your exclusive VAC membership identification. You may not give permission or knowingly allow your username or password to be used by anyone else.

Members must use their full name when registering. Incomplete, incorrect or misleading information may result in a termination of the account.

You may register for and hold only one VAC registration.

All members must provide a valid email address. If your email address changes, you must use the online form to modify your email address in the VAC database. The form will ask you to select your name, enter your password and new email address. If your password is correct, the database will be updated and a confirmation email will be sent to your new email address. You can find this feature in your logbook. Any issues, please contact the Executive Vice President, Human Resources. Accounts with invalid email addresses will be removed.

If you forgot your password, you must use the online form to request your password. The form will ask you to enter your Pilot ID, enter your first name, last name and email address. If the information you provide matches the information in the VAC database, an email will be sent to your email address (the one on file) with your password. You will find this form in your logbook. Any issues, please contact the Executive Vice President, Human Resources.

If you want to modify your password, you must use the online form to submit your modification. The form will ask you to select your name, enter your current password and enter your new password. If the information provided matches the VAC database, your password will be updated. You will find this forum in your logbook. Any issues, please contact the Executive Vice President, Human Resources.

Account Procedures

All pilots must fly at least one flight within the first 14 days after successful completion of registration. You may request a leave of absence for up to 1 year; however, active pilots must file a flight every 60 days. Active Pilots who do not comply with this rule will be removed from the roster unless they request a LOA (leave of absence). You can use this feature via your logbook. Any issues, please contact the Executive Vice President, Human Resources

All flights must represent a valid VAC flight as assigned by the schedule system on the VAC website. Flights not on this system will be rejected and removed after filing.

The report will be added to the database and will be sent to your Director of Hub Operations for review. Pilots who submit false flight reports may have their entire log wiped clean, be suspended, or terminated. Any pilots who fly routes that are not authorized will have their flight reports rejected.

Each pilot is only permitted to submit a flight report for the type of aircraft for which he/she has been certified. Any flight reports filed for uncertified aircraft will be rejected, and repeated offences may lead to the pilots log being wiped clean, suspension or even termination of membership in VAC.

When flying online, we encourage you to use the flight number assigned for the flight. Ex: ACA668 or JZA8344 and indicate in the Pilot's Remark that you are a member of VAC and website address: www.vacanada.org

All new members must read and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

General Policy

VAC registration is open for membership to all individuals thirteen (13) years and older. Individuals younger than thirteen must provide written consent from a parent or guardian. Accounts of individuals under 13 years of age without parental consent will be immediately suspended until such consent is provided.

Membership is open to all individuals regardless of race, creed, color, nationality or sexuality.

VAC is a non-profit organization and does not charge any fees to apply for or to retain membership in the organization. No member of VAC may request money or charge fees as a prerequisite to offering any assistance or product. In addition, no member is permitted to resell or make any commercial or non-commercial use of the VAC website or forums. The prohibitions set forth in this paragraph expressly include any and all sales and/or solicitations of money, goods and services no matter for what purpose, person, group or cause, without limitation. Members violating these rules may be subject to immediate termination from VAC.

VAC management reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate an individual's membership from the organization without notification if certain rules have been violated. The member may appeal the suspension or termination to the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final. The offending member will have the right to review the written report submitted by the Director of Hub Operations, and provide a written response to management within 30 days.

The general code of conduct reflects on the way VAC expects members to behave as a member of the organization. Repeated failure to follow the code of conduct may result in a suspension, and eventually termination of the members account.

Members who are new to the hobby or are otherwise unfamiliar with an industry information should well inform themselves by downloading the educational material provided on the VAC website, joining the forum and asking questions of management, or otherwise researching the information on their own. This is mandatory before representing VAC on any third party site such as VATSIM.

Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. Bashing of other members is not permitted. Threatening or harassing any member will result in immediate suspension, and possible termination of the member.

Members represent the VAC community at all times when visiting other sites on the internet. Members should not undertake any action to bring harm to the reputation of VAC, including, but not limited to misrepresenting yourself to another organization, breaking the rules and guidelines of another organization, or making derogatory statements about VAC.