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There are several methods of getting in touch with our staff. Please choose the method which applies the most to your situation as it will help expedite our response:

If you are a pilot seeking assistance with your logbook, or for any other inquiries regarding your pilot profile, please contact your Base Manager directly. You can find their contact information on our Staff page, as well as in the myVAC HR tab.

If your inquiry is directed at a specific department, please contact the staff member in charge of that department. Refer to our Staff page for their contact information.

For general and any other inquiries, please email us at: email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which rank do I start off?
All new members begin their career with the rank of Regional First Officer.

Do you accept transfer hours?
Transfer hours (with proof) from another virtual airline are accepted up to a maximum of 50 hours. Previous members of VAC prior to launch of new web systems will receive full credit of hours.

How often do I need to fly to remain active?
You need to file one PIREP every 60 days or the system will automatically delete your account. Leave of absence up to 6 months is granted if required.

When I bid for a flight, do I have to fly the specific departure time as indicated on my schedule?
No, you may fly flights at any time of the day. You may bid one flight at a time. As our schedules accurately reflect real world flight information, we do encourage our members to fly at the specified times to realistically simulate our operations.

Can I fly any aircraft type?
Aircraft type is dependant on the rank you are assigned to. As aircraft substitutions do occur in real life, our system is designed to allow you to select a group of different aircrafts within your rank in the bidding process.

How are flights filed?
Flight information is automatically recorded by our VACARS2 software and stored on the website. Manual pireps are not accepted unless VACARS failure. Direct GPS and flight acceleration is not permitted.

Are all flights required to be online?
No, members can fly offline. However to increase our online presence, we encourage you to fly online through the VATSIM network with a valid VATSIM ID.