Dear members, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I am announcing first myCareer equipment bid.

With myCareer, members will now havethe option to immerse themselves in realism through equipment bids, realistic scheduling, type ratings and command courses.

In this initial phase of myCareer, we will be providing members the chance to bid on specific aircraft types.

Such as our real world counterparts members will see their choices being awarded through a seniority based system.

Seniority at VAC is no different it is based on your profile hire date.

We look to be rewarding long standing members and invite new ones to join now!

myCareer Bid

The Bidding is Currently Closed For any inquiries regarding bidding, please contact your VAC staff members via #Discord.

  • myCareer remains a totally separate option for our members and is in no way mandatory.
  • As a minimum, we will be holding four bids a year, meaning you may choose to fly up to a minimum of four different aircraft types within a calendar cycle.
  • As demand or operations shift, we may add an additional two bids, providing members with extra flexibility while maintaining the highest form of realism.
  • As the months progress, our team will be unveiling new features such as the type ratings and command courses listed above.
  • I also recommend reading the myCareer Bid FAQ to answer any questions you may have regarding myCareer in its current form.


January Block Request

Welcome to the block request form.

Here, you can send in your preferences to our planning team and our block builders will pre-assign you complete pairings for the entire upcoming month!

  • For myCareer Members Only.
  • Once you have filled your form in a member of staff will respond in Discord with your schedule.
  • The Block Requests will be posted in the #monthly-block-awards channel.


This page is still under Construction, please see the VAC discord for updates.