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  1. FNIC Rapidairs Galore!


    Your base manager or events manager will assign you the flight.
  2. FNIC Rapidairs Galore!


    Mr Dayan, in order to participate, you cannot have two bookings. If you would like to take part in this event, please release 417 from your schedule.
  3. FNIC Rapidairs Galore!

    Welcome back on our westbound Flying Night In Canada. Join Us from Montreal Trudeau Airport to Toronto Pearson (including Toronto City Centre) and continue westbound over the next few weeks. Let us know if you plan on joining! During the event join us on FNIC Discord text and voice Channel for a friendly evening. We look forward to seeing you on the ground and in the air. - VAC Staff Online Events Bookings: Pilots flying in this event do not have aircraft type rating restrictions when flying on the VATSIM Network. However the aircraft type must be within current VAC fleet. We do require each member participating to include the following in the Remarks section of your Flight Plan when connected to VATSIM. //Member Pilot of VAC | In order to successfully book this group flight, please click the "GOING" button on the left margin of this post and respond with the following information below: Pilot Name: Employee Number: Base: Flight Number: ACA/JAZ/SKY/ROU/GGN + last 4 digits of your employee number Date: From (IATA): To (IATA): Departure Time (local): Arrival Time (local): Equipment Type: * Your request will be acknowledged up to 2 hours by a member of our team before the event begins. Important Information: - All online flights are recorded with VACARS after online event assignment has been approved. - All group flight events are flown on the VATSIM Network. - Ensure you have all charts available for your flight. - Members must comply with all applicable VATSIM policies and procedures. - Pushback from gate is at own discretion unless otherwise advised by online ATC. - Takeoff between aircraft is: 2 minutes after narrowbody aircraft and 3 minutes after widebody aircraft for separation. Thank you for your participation at our VAC Group Event. We wish you a pleasant flight!
  4. Bonjour Mr Desjardins. Je suis nouveau chez VAC no 040533. J'aimerais avoir mon credit de 50hrs de vol. voici une copie de mon Flight log de chez TQV

    Je vous remercie à l'avance

    Jean-Pierre Audet

    1. VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins

      VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins

      Je vais verifier votre profil a l'instant.

    2. VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins

      VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins


      Votre demande est completé, Vous devriez avoir maintenant 50 heures.

    3. VAC040533 - Jean-Pierre Audet
  5. Daniel

    Kindly mark me returned from leave.

    Joe Hill


    1. VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins

      VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins


      Welcome back, as soon as you log your first flight, your status will automatically become "active" again.

      Best regards,

      Daniel Desjardins

    2. VAC022872 - Joe Hill

      VAC022872 - Joe Hill

      Daniel I am having issues with PREPAR 3D and my flight controls. It may be another week before I fly.

      Thank you for your understanding.


  6. Dan 

    is it possible you can give me the route string for Saturdays OR Sundays ACA4 NRT to YVR 

    It leaves at 08.00, if you can Ill be very grateful



    1. VAC035181 - Pete  King

      VAC035181 - Pete King

      dont worry Ive got it.  cheers