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  1. Winnipeg - Edmonton | Flying Night in Canada | 2000EDT (2400z) | VATSIM Network

    Pilot Name: Brad Ireland Employee Number: 024045 Base: CYVR Flight Number: JAZ4045 Date: May12,2018 From: CYWG To: CYEG Departure Time 20;30 Arrival time: 22;30 Equipment Type: DH4
  2. Good Morning Brad, my flight this morning had me take off & climb through 18,000, checking Live Tracking a few times, still had me as "Boarding" .... closed the Live Tracking Page & reopened ... now has me ... "IN FLIGHT" !!!

    Many Thanks Brad, been months of frustration.

    Take Care



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    2. VAC024045 - Brad Ireland

      VAC024045 - Brad Ireland

      I had many issues when I flew with FSX, Im now running P3DV4 and 

      have less headaches. I  built a computer  just for flying. and heres a tip

      I picked up from a NASA programmer who wrote and article on setting up

      FSX with windows 7.  he recommends an Antivirus program called 

      ESET ENOD32 ANTIVIRUS.     this is the best antivirus to use for flight

      simulation on your PC. Norton and Mcafee slow PC down to a crawl.

      You might want to re-install VACARS2 with your antivirus disabled just for the 

      download,after the download enable your antivirus. before you re-install

      VACARS2 make sure you deleted the old version of VARCARs2 off your PC.

      IT sounds like Norton has blocked something when you downloaded Vacars2

      Im running P3DV4 with windows 10 and so far have had no issues with anything.

      What  windows version are you using  are you using FSX P3d or Xplane?


    3. VAC040618 - Rick Elliott

      VAC040618 - Rick Elliott

      Hi Brad, using Win10 & FSX, will try a reinstall with Norton disabled. This tracking use to work fine ... then stopped ... sure it something simple. but I just don't see it yet.

      May end up doing a total reinstall of FSX ...been over a year, use to enjoy it ... now dread it.

      Thanks for your assistance.



    4. VAC024045 - Brad Ireland

      VAC024045 - Brad Ireland

      I highly recommend P3DV4. It became too frustrating dealing with all the issues

      of FSX.  I reinstalled FSX countless times over the years. Make sure if you reinstall

      FSX that you make a folder for just FSX and put FSX at the top of your list or sometimes

      known as the top of the tree.  I have 2 SSD drives, on one I installed  Windows and on the other

      is all my P3dV4 software. Only download software that you trust.  Antivirus programs have a

       tendency to block out parts of the download thats  why disabling the antivirus may solve your

      issue and again make sure you trust the source before disabling your antivirus and downloading.