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    November 27, 2022

    [OTS] Simon Brown - S2 CYEG_TWR | VATSIM Event
    Name: S2 OTS | Simon Brown
    Description: Simon Brown is going for his S2 Certification on Edmonton Tower (CYEG_TWR). But, we need your help! Come and fly in, out or around CYEG. Come fly your Jets, Turboprop, General Aviation aircraft or even your helicopter? We invite you to fly either VFR or IFR! Good luck Simon.

    Start: 2022-11-27 at 21:00z
    End: 2022-11-27 at 23:00z

    Departure Airports:

    Arrival Airports:
    Online Events Bookings:

    Pilots flying in this event do not have aircraft type rating restrictions when flying on the VATSIM Network.  However the aircraft type must be within current VAC fleet.  We do require each member participating to include the following in the Remarks section of your Flight Plan when connected to VATSIM.

    //Member Pilot of VAC | 

    In order to successfully book this group flight, please submit the following information as your request to #crew-sked-requests channel on Discord to be processed. This is the only method to have your flight added onto your bid page.
    Pilot Name: Employee Number: Base: Flight Number: ACA/JAZ/ROU + 2 + last 3 digits of Employee Number Date: From (IATA): To (IATA): Departure Time (local): Arrival Time (local): Equipment Type: * Your request will be acknowledged up to 2 hours by a member of our team before the event begins.

    Important Information:
    - All online flights are recorded with VACARS after online event assignment has been approved.  
    - All group flight events are flown on the VATSIM Network.
    - Ensure you have all charts available for your flight.
    - Members must comply with all applicable VATSIM policies and procedures.
    - Pushback from gate is at own discretion unless otherwise advised by online ATC.
    - Takeoff between aircraft is: 2 minutes after narrowbody aircraft and 3 minutes after widebody aircraft for separation. 
    Thank you for your participation at our VAC Group Event. We wish you a pleasant flight!
    Stay connected with other members on DISCORD
    At VAC, we recognize the importance of staying connected with your flight simulator colleagues wherever you may be around the world.  We are proud to integrate a freeware application called "DISCORD" into our operations that will revolutionize how we communicate with other members pre/post flight as well as our Executive Team.
    Discord is a multi-platform communication application and is completely free.  It can be used on your computer running on PC, Mac, Linux or mobile devices running Android and iOS. For members using Discord on your mobile devices, please ensure your are on a WIFI network when using Voice Channels to prevent data overage charges from your service provider.
    Download Information:
    Mobile Devices: Android (Google Play), Apple (App Store)
    Once you have registered, as per Standard Operating Procedures, your nickname must coincide with your VAC ID.  For example: "VAC001 - John Smith"  This must be changed within 24 hours of registration and is enforced.
    Our member forums at continue to be your primary source for updates and trip report screenshots at VAC.
    We hope you enjoy and find this application beneficial as we seek to bring our flight simulation community closer together.

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