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Our Live Flight Map displays all online members in real time! Tracking is made possible by our VACARS software, which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data, and a message center!

Virtual Destinations

Our Virtual Destinations are updated regularly and contain over 175 airports across the entire globe. Our virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Member's Section

Every VAC member has access to our myVAC Portal, through which pilots can choose flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Latest PIREPs

19:01ZBernard ErmontVAC 782LAXYUL320-216.375.0
18:49ZStefan HillblomVAC 8868YQGYYZDH4-25.480.9
18:47ZRob PeersVAC 8949YSJYYZDH4-78.093.0
17:23ZStefan HillblomVAC 8867YYZYQGDH4-127.061.0
17:13ZCamilo VelascoVAC 450YYZYOW320-456.791.1
17:07ZAlexandros ZabetasVAC 182YVRYUL320-30.964.6
16:44ZRobert GormanVAC 150YVRYUL763-379.494.3
16:31ZThierry GrignouVAC 834YULGVA763-191.667.3
16:25ZPierre DesrochersVAC 696YYZYYT320-208.933.0
16:19ZBrendan McCurryVAC 406YYZYUL77W-125.901.1
16:11ZArvid HanssonVAC 7545ATLYYZE75-157.891.7
15:38ZStefan HillblomVAC 8284YTSYYZDH4-43.731.3
14:09ZArvid HanssonVAC 7684YYZATLE75-180.061.9
13:46ZStefan HillblomVAC 8283YYZYTSDH4-48.321.4
12:16ZJohan SetyobudiVAC 70YYZDEL77L-337.0613.3
11:39ZSamuel MayVAC 117YYZYYC320-251.844.0
11:23ZEYTAN ASSEOVAC 8975YULYOWDH4-116.271.1
10:40ZCharles EarlVAC 869LHRYYZ77W-112.188.1
06:46ZJuan Carlos Cabanelas PerezVAC 7502YULYQMDH4-3.321.5
06:22ZBraeden WiensVAC 8639YHZYOWDH4-33.912.3
03:39ZBraeden WiensVAC 8799YSJYHZDH4-13.380.7

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  • Total Pilots:
  • 803

  • Total Flights:
  • 90019

  • Total Flight Hours:
  • 296510.0

  • Pilots Online:
  • 11 VACARS

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