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The Ultimate Flight Simulator Experience

Established in April 1998, VAC is a worldwide virtual airline community
comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Based on Canada's national airline
and utilizing flight simulation software, VAC mirrors its daily operations based
on real world schedules, equipment and routes.

Accurate Flight Schedules

Based on real world Flight Schedules, our system is updated regularly and contain over 200 airports across the entire globe. Virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Personalized myVAC System

With myVAC Portal, this powerful system allows our member pilots to choose the latest flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Experienced & Supportive Team

With over 22 years of experience in the Flight Simulation cummunity, we are committed to consistently deliver an exceptional and realistic virtual airline experience. The best in Canadian hospitality.

VACARS Program

Flight tracking is made possible by our in-house built VACARS software which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data and realistic cabin experience features to enhance your overall experience.

Latest Arrivals

22:36ZEkrem HalimicVAC 931SVDYYZ320-194.506.1
22:23ZPierre CastonguayVAC 7502YYZYOWE75-49.861.0
22:18ZMichel DesbiensVAC 7227YYZLIM789-193.197.6
22:09ZWayne BatesVAC 930YYZTVSV320-725.864.7
22:08ZRob HansfordVAC 95BOGYYZ788-276.255.8
22:02ZSandro CaparelliVAC 8497DCAYYZCRJ-289.351.4
21:37ZAndre LevesqueVAC 1605FLLYUL320-93.923.1
21:31ZJacques CurtisVAC 301YULYVR333-478.565.1
21:21ZJohn GyllandVAC 566YVRSFO321-353.552.8
21:20ZMike WestVAC 215YYCYVR321-314.931.6
21:03ZJack KoskieVAC 481YULYYZ320-77.701.2
19:56ZZachary CollisonVAC 8492YYZDCACRA-650.451.4
19:41ZDarcy CouttsVAC 242YVRYEG320-333.821.3
19:18ZMaxime NadeauVAC 265YYZYWG320-394.732.9
19:01ZMike WestVAC 202YVRYYC321-245.351.4
18:02ZHugo SchneggVAC 865LHRYUL789-92.577.5
17:35ZGrayson MyersVAC 8996YHZYYTDH4-89.112.2
16:54ZAndre LevesqueVAC 1602YULFLL320-20.223.2
16:49ZJohn CallumVAC 428YYZYUL320-320.111.2
16:21ZWilliam LeblondVAC 317YULYYC321-290.204.8
16:11ZZachary CollisonVAC 42YYZDEL77W-368.9614.5
14:27ZVinicius CoelhoVAC 405YULYYZ320-305.421.3

Membership Information

  • Active Pilots:
  • 885

  • Total Flights:
  • 177645

  • Flight Hours:
  • 601323.7

  • Pilots Online:
  • 18 VACARS

New Pilots

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