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The Ultimate Flight Simulator Experience

Established in April 1998, VAC is a worldwide virtual airline community
comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Based on Canada's national airline
and utilizing flight simulation software, VAC mirrors its daily operations based
on real world schedules, equipment and routes.

Live Tracking

The Live Flight Map displays all online members in real time! Tracking is made possible by our VACARS software, which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data, and a message center!

Discover the World

Our Virtual Destinations are updated regularly and contain over 200 airports across the entire globe. Virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Member's Section

With myVAC Portal, our member pilots can choose the latest flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, online events and maintain their account.

Latest Arrivals

04:12ZSatvir GillVAC 1662YYZRSW319-276.092.9
03:58ZPaul HarveyVAC 15YYZHKG77L-148.4815.6
03:49ZGraham CurnewVAC 1049EWRYYZ321-223.241.4
03:18ZFrank RyanVAC 173YYZYEG321-369.784.1
03:07ZKen ShauntzVAC 82YULTLV788-102.9110.5
03:01ZGilles-Gabriel GouffranVAC 888YOWLHR788-225.676.3
02:56ZDominic TempleVAC 765YYZSJC319-161.555.2
02:42ZJoey McCormickVAC 467YOWYYZ321-251.860.9
02:35ZBrad IrelandVAC 8020YYZBDLDH4-1.511.7
02:06ZJason VezinaVAC 460YYZYOW320-212.030.9
02:06ZGeoff ScottVAC 739YYZSFO789-282.955.0
01:55ZGraham CurnewVAC 1048YYZEWR321-202.731.3
01:44ZBen Elder JrVAC 304YVRYUL789-236.774.4
01:37ZTimmy TangVAC 584YYCEWR320-184.064.5
01:35ZAxel SubotincicVAC 870YULCDG77W-282.196.8
01:34ZLiam AloniVAC 170YEGYYZ788-29.833.5
01:30ZBenoit LussierVAC 426YYZYUL320-528.791.1
01:30ZAkida WattsVAC 795YYZLAX321-144.675.1
01:27ZEdbern ScantleburyVAC 7974YTZYULDH4-9.741.3
01:11ZMichel DesbiensVAC 573LAXYVR321-373.402.9
01:09ZCharles EarlVAC 757YYZSFO321-307.965.3
01:08ZTheodore TsirpasVAC 1901ATHYYZ763-251.4311.0



  • Total Pilots:
  • 873

  • Total Flights:
  • 165401

  • Total Flight Hours:
  • 556715.2

  • Pilots Online:
  • 11 VACARS

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