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Our Live Flight Map displays all online members in real time! Tracking is made possible by our VACARS software, which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data, and a message center!

Virtual Destinations

Our Virtual Destinations are updated regularly and contain over 175 airports across the entire globe. Our virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Member's Section

Every VAC member has access to our myVAC Portal, through which pilots can choose flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Latest PIREPs

02:59ZRob AppletonVAC 1816YYZNAS319-344.573.4
02:18ZGeo JonesVAC 8568YVRSJCCRA-297.092.1
01:36ZMichael De ChantalVAC 1872YULMCO321-390.693.0
00:52ZWilliam EnglishVAC 8913YQBYYZDH4-30.252.0
00:49ZDave BrockettVAC 8325YYZYAMDH1-148.441.5
00:29ZJohn FoleyVAC 1864YYZMCO763-263.822.6
00:08ZAaqib AfzalVAC 825AMSYYZ77W-136.477.6
00:03ZRuben HotonVAC 550YVRLAX321-220.162.4
23:59ZMoadir LanesVAC 835YULYYZ763-516.451.3
23:50ZMike McPhersonVAC 8292YXEYWGDH4-243.191.5
23:44ZGabe SansenVAC 993YYZMEX319-190.964.8
23:24ZMohamad BaytamouniVAC 472YYZYOW320N/A0.8
23:20ZBennett AshtonVAC 470YYZYOW320-1540.910.8
23:14ZMiguel TorresVAC 7561YULYYZE75-243.551.3
22:42ZKevin KaceliVAC 8072YYJYVRDH3-60.970.4
22:36ZSandro CaparelliVAC 7524YTZYULDH4-42.511.2
22:31ZRyan McDonaldVAC 127YYZYEG320-495.013.8
22:26ZJoshua BlackVAC 554YVRLAX320-95.302.4
22:09ZCaleb SmithVAC 8098SEAYVRDH4-123.490.8
21:54ZKurtis AdamusVAC 8918YYZYQBDH4-24.001.6
21:46ZSteven ReedVAC 555LAXYVR321-234.362.6
21:38ZBennett AshtonVAC 148YVRYYZ321-777.844.7

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  • Total Pilots:
  • 845

  • Total Flights:
  • 88637

  • Total Flight Hours:
  • 291676.9

  • Pilots Online:
  • 19 VACARS

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