General Code of Conduct

1. The general code of conduct reflects on the way VAC expects members to behave when posting to the forums. Repeated failure to follow the code of conduct may result in a suspension, and eventually termination of the members account.

2. Members who are new to the hobby or are otherwise unfamiliar with an industry information should educate themselves by reviewing historical posts, and whenever possible, by first observing the actions and type of posts made by others.

3. Members who wish to post a question should first review the FAQ section (coming soon) of the forums, as well as search the forums to ensure that the question has not already been posted.

4. Members should ensure that new topics are started under the appropriate forum category. Failure to do so may result in a moderator moving the topic to a different category.

5. Members should not “crash” other member’s posts. If your reply does not pertain to the current topic, please start a different post. Forum moderators reserve the right to edit off topic posts, and place them into a new topic.

6. Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. Bashing of other members is not permitted.

7. Since this is a community environment, there are times when a member may be new to the organization. Everyone should remember to exercise patience and courtesy to these new pilots and members.

8. Should problems arise online between several individuals, the parties should first attempt to resolve any issues among themselves in private. If this should fail, then the parties can request the assistance of a moderator to clarify any dispute on forum rules. All other disagreements outside of forum rules must be kept in private.

9. Redundant, or meaningless posts will only serve to annoy other members. Members should ensure that their posts are relevant to the topic at hand, and be cautious about starting redundant or meaningless posts.

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