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      New Voice/Text Communication Program - "Discord"   01/29/18

      New Voice/Text Communication Program - "Discord" At VAC, we recognize the importance of staying connected with your flight simulator colleagues wherever you may be around the world.  We are proud to integrate a freeware application called "DISCORD" into our operations that will revolutionize how we communicate with other members pre/post flight as well as our Executive Team. Discord is a multi-platform communication application and is completely free.  It can be used on your computer running on PC, Mac, Linux or mobile devices running Android and iOS. For members using Discord on your mobile devices, please ensure your are on a WIFI network when using Voice Channels to prevent data overage charges from your service provider.   Download Information: Computer: https://discordapp.com/download Mobile Devices: Android (Google Play), Apple (App Store) Channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/bPCjrjq   Once you have registered, as per Standard Operating Procedures, your nickname must coincide with your VAC ID.  For example: "VAC005 - Daniel Desjardins"  This must be changed within 24 hours of registration and is enforced. Our member forums at www.vacanada.org/forum continue to be your primary source for updates and trip report screenshots at VAC. We hope you enjoy and find this application beneficial as we seek to bring our flight simulation community closer together.  
    • VAC002 - Michael Chan

      Photo/Screenshot Gallery NOW AVAILABLE   03/27/18

      Photo/Screenshot Gallery NOW AVAILABLE We are pleased to introduce the Real World Photo / Flight Simulator Gallery to our members. When you click on the CREW ROOM navigation menu on the VAC website, you will be brought into the pilot forums.  There will be a gallery of selected high quality photographs or screenshots from our members on the main forum page.  To view additional images, please select the GALLERY tab in the menu to access a full library of VAC images. The Photo/Screenshot Gallery features the best screenshots of Mainline / Leisure and Express liveries. In order to be featured in the gallery, members must submit their entries into the TRIP REPORTS section of the forum.  A review will be conducted by the Executive Team and the selected photo/screenshot will be uploaded and featured on the main page of the forum. We hope you enjoy this new feature in enhancing your VAC experience with us.

Flying Night in Canada Feb 23rd 22-01Z


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Event details

Courtesy of Toronto FIR and VAC.

On Saturday, Feburary 23rd, from 2200z-0100z (5pm-8pm EST),  Toronto FIR and VAC are partnering to present Flying Night In Canada at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International (CYYZ).  
-    Flying Night In Canada will be a monthly event happening every third Saturday of the month operating in conjunction with Toronto FIR.
As per Company SOP:
11.7.4 Pilots participating in online events do not have aircraft type rating restrictions when flying onthe VATSIM Network. However the aircraft type must be within current VAC fleet.
11.7.5 We do require each member participating to include the following in the Remarks section of your Flight Plan when connected to VATSIM
//Operated byVAC |www.vacanada.org//
11.7.6 Special Online Events not on the VAC schedule may be granted provided the following information is sent to your Hub Director for approval. The e-mail must also indicate which event you will be participating.•Event Name:•Pilot Name: •Employee Number: •Base: •Flight Number: ACA/JAZ/SKY/ROU/GGN + last 4 digits of your employee number •Date: •From (IATA): •To (IATA): •Departure Time (local): •Arrival Time (local): •Equipment Type


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